Our Single Barrel Program

With Liquor Depot's Single Barrel Program you can experience the unique flavors and aromas of single barrel spirit samples and enjoy them at discounted prices.

We contact a variety of distillers including Jack Daniels, Knob Creek, and Herradura to send us individual samples from their selection of 3-5 barrels. We conduct our own taste test, and let the distiller know which barrel we prefer. They bottle our selection and we buy the entire barrel. Our customers can then purchase either a case or by the bottle – at low prices. As a bonus, they ship us the exact barrel, which we proudly display in our stores.

Newest Single Barrel Selections at Liquor Depot

1792 single barrel

1792 Single Barrel

Our first two Single Barrel offerings from 1792 came from their Small Batch program, this barrel however was one of the chosen from their newer “Single Barrel Program”, the finest barrels are selected and tasted from the best aging warehouses. Only those barrels deemed ‘exceptional’ are then bottled individually, one by one. After tasting several samples we chose Barrel #07-L-06-140. The bourbon in this particular barrel exhibits caramel notes and a smooth mouth-feel. The sweet notes are followed by an obvious bite and heat from the higher rye content. It’s perfect for sipping on a warm summer day as the sun sets. Like an ambitious, well-aged wine, this Bourbon knows it is delicious without needing to show off.

Eagle Rare Single Barrel

Barrel #05-L-09-L-3-03-048 (Liquor Depots 8th Barrel of Eagle Rare)

This selection contained all you would expect from a well matured bourbon. Starts with a nose of Caramel, bourbon spice, dark fruit and butterscotch. The palate has notes of rich caramel mingling with some dark fruit that are followed by anise & honey notes. The carmel and dark fruit give way to wood and earthy notes with a touch of mint at the end. Smooth and effortless it’s so easy to drink, pick up a bottle or 2 while they last.


Barrel #10-k-09-h-4-31-029 (Liquor Depots 3rd Barrel of Blantons)

This selection starts with notes of citrus, attributable to the rye grain, and toffee, from the barrel. The palate is similar to the nose, citrus notes balanced with sweeter notes like vanilla and caramel lead off the front, and some very light floral notes follow. For the finish, the sweet notes completely dissipate, and the finish takes on a dry tone, with notes of toasted nut and oak joining the floral and citrus notes. One of the most complex barrel samples we’ve chosen.

stacked picsSelected Barrels

  • Balblair 1993 Single Cask (#3420) Highland Single Malt Scotch Whiskey
  • Blanton's Bourbon #4
  • Buffalo Trace #9
  • Crown Royal Coffey Rye Still
  • Cruzan Rum
  • Eagle Rare #8
  • Elijah Craig Single Barrel (small batch)
  • Four Roses Barrel Strength Single Barrel
  • George Dickel 9-year
  • Herradura Double-Barrel Reposado #2
  • Jack Daniels Single Barrel #2
  • Jefferson #3
  • Jim Beam Single Barrel
  • Knappogue Castle 12-Year Irish Single Malt Whiskey
  • Knob Creek 100˚ #3
  • Knob Creek Reserve 120˚ Barrel #2 + #3
  • Masterson's 10-year Rye
  • Old Forester 90˚ #1 + #2
  • Patron Anejo Barrel Select Single Barrel
  • Patron Reposado Barrel Select Single Barrel
  • 1792 Single Barrel #1
  • Stranahan's Single Barrel Colorado Whiskey Barrel #121534 *
  • Weller Antique 107˚ #6
  • Whistle Pig, Cask Strength Single Barrel
  • Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit
  • Wild Turkey Russel's Reserve #1 + #2
  • Woodford Reserve Distillers Select

Spent Barrels

  • Angels Envy #2
  • Casa Noble Reposado
  • E. H. Taylor Bourbon
  • Elijah Craig 12-yr #5
  • Evan Williams #2
  • Four Roses Barrel Strength #2
  • George Dickel 13-yr
  • Ridgemont Reserve 1792 Barrel #2
  • Weller Antique 107˚ Barrel #4
  • Willett Family 5-yr Rye
  • Willett Family 9-yr Bourbon

Coming Soon

  • Four Roses Single Barrel 100˚, OBSV Barrel Q & R
  • Woodford Reserve Double Oaked #2
  • Garrison Brothers Barrel Proof #1

*Selected in conjunction with Northeast Wine & Spirits